4 Kinds Of Dog Collars Introduced! And 3 Ways To Get Your Dog Used To Wearing A Collar

4 Kinds Of Dog Collars Introduced

There are various kinds of dog collars, and when you go to the pet store and see a wide range of dog collars, you will not be hesitant for a while, how exactly should you pick a dog collar? We need to know that the dog collar as an aid, if you pick the right dog will also like, if the dog does not like it will be unhappy and feel stressed. So the method of choosing the collar also becomes crucial, so how to pick a suitable one for your dogs?

How to Choose a Collar for My Large dog

As dogs grow older, their necks will become thicker. If you wear an inappropriate collar, the dog will feel stressed because of the sense of pressure, which will also affect his education.

4 Kinds Of Dog Collars Introduced

Large dog collars are roughly divided into 【Leash collar】【Chain collar】【Carrying strap collar】【Nail collar】4 kinds. Master the characteristics of their respective collars and choose the better one for your dog.

  • Leash collar

The most common type is OK for any kind of dog, and it is especially recommended for medium-sized dogs with strong strength because it is more durable. Leather is the mainstream, and the structure is the same as that of a human belt. Even if the dog grows, it can be adjusted to the right size by giving it a hole, which is the point of the leash collar. However, because it is leather to the disadvantages of water also exists, and it needs to be well dried after a walk in the rain and other care.

  • Chain collar

Suitable for powerful dogs or large dogs. A chain collar made of metal, no tightness, like putting a necklace on a dog. It is generally used to tie on dogs with pulling habits, and it is best to receive guidance from a professional trainer first when using it. Because it is cold and heavy, there are more dogs that are hard to get used to, so try putting it on your dog before you buy it.

  • Carrier Collars

Small dogs are more often used, the carrier collar has a cute and unique style, a bit like putting clothes on the dog. Basically, many owners will buy this kind of collar, the benefit of the collar is good tolerance, not easy to cause physical injury to the dog, is a better choice.
But Dogsfuns store carrier is designed for large dogs.

  • Nail collar

Very similar to the leather collar, with the addition of some spikes, the material is basically leather, and nylon, etc.. This type of collar looks more dominant, and is suitable for dogs with a fierce appearance, as the nails are designed to keep the dog from breaking free. Some owners may think that this is only a decorative feature, but this isn’t the case.

How to Adjust the Size of The Collar

It is important to know the type of collar, but it is also important to know the size. An overly small collar will stress the dog and cause its body to collapse. It is also important to match the right size to avoid problems such as shedding during walks. For measuring size, it is important to consider the following three factors.

3 Ways To Get Your Dog Used To Wearing A Collar

  • Measure the size around the head and the neck, and the best size is the one with a surplus of 2 fingers.
  • When measuring the size around the head, lift the ears to measure.
  • In the case of long-haired breeds, measure with the hair well separated.

We hope that the collar of the right size will be comfortable for your dog every day.

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