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To me, Dogsfuns is like a friend. He is always there to give encouragement and kindness. He goes out in the wind and rain, sometimes (even in Scotland) in the sun, just to see your dog wag his tail.
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Barbara S.

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His dogsfuns are a good way to measure how he feels, because he is more active when there is no pain! I noticed that his activities increased gradually last week! I can also see that he slept better, probably because he didn't feel ill!
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Mike D
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"What a wonderful, wonderful device!"

I adopted 2 little puppys (feral, born under the library at school). We live in a complex of 184 units with large grounds.

I have used the dogsfuns for over a year now and it works like an absolute charm! Not only has Dogsfuns has given me a great peace of mind but it has given Elliot and Charlie (the puppys) the freedom of the complex.

They are having a glorious life in their “urban jungle”, all thanks to this product.

This is the second time I have purchased a Dogsfuns because the old units just wore out, but I am more than happy to buy more as the old ones wear.

This is a wonderful idea which is very well executed and if you are thinking of going the Dogsfuns route stop thinking about it and just do it – you won’t be sorry!

– James T.




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