Different Types Of Heavy-duty Dog Collars, How To Choose A Leash For Large Dogs

Different Types Of Heavy-duty Dog Collars

On the market, there are many types of leashes, from traditional fixed leashes to retractable leashes. When picking a leash,The first thing to consider when choosing a leash is how the dog is going out, won’t burst, in the circumstances based on the dog’s own situation, of comfort. Here are a few types of dog collars, as well as traction leash points of purchase.

A Few Types Of Heavy-duty Dog Collars And Advantages And Disadvantages

1. The flat leather collar
Collar is the same as the human belt, is a flat piece of.
Advantages: worn on the neck is very snug, large dogs will be very comfortable.
Disadvantages: because the contact area with the neck is large, for the hair is long and not easy to knot the pet dog, may cause the pet dog neck hair knot.

2. Pillar-shaped leather collar

This kind of collar is like rolling the leather into a tube and then sewing it on, so that the collar becomes a small cylindrical shape.

Advantages: overcome the disadvantages of flat leather collar, because this collar in the neck contact area is small, and can be rolled, so it is not easy to make the hair knotted.

Disadvantages: Because of the small contact area, when the owner pulls the dog hard, it will not be very comfortable.

3. Nylon collar

The material of this collar is nylon, the price is usually cheaper than the leather.
Advantages: nylon collar is relatively light, unlike the heavy leather, wear on the neck feel very heavy. Bright colors, many styles, easy to clean.
Disadvantages: easy to wear static electricity, and in order to be more sturdy, usually made thicker. In addition, these nylon is usually woven with thick nylon thread, easy to hair or hanging silk.

pic 049
Dogsfuns 1.5″ Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars

4. Chain collar
Chain collar is basically for large dogs, some small dogs in the competition will also use this collar, the chain is very thin can be hidden in the pet dog’s hair, does not look obvious, will not affect the beauty.
Pros: It is quite strong and not easy to cause knots in the hair of the dog’s neck. The collar is very thin and does not affect the original appearance of the dog at all for long-haired dogs.
Disadvantages: It feels too strong and not cute. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to rust, not only does not look good but also stains the dog’s neck hair.

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Dogsfuns Dog Training Collar with Buckle For Large Dogs(Removable cap)

How To Choose A Leash For Your Heavy Dog

  • If your dog is a small adult dog, or is obedient and well-behaved cute personality. Then the dog collar, chest back, and retractable traction can be used. Traction rope, collar and telescopic traction of the small degree of wear hair, and if the dog obedient, and there are few people in the open grass, telescopic traction can expand the dog’s range of activities.
  • If your dog is wild, a little uncontrolled, X-type chest strap can fit perfectly, and protect the dog’s soft fur, when pulling the dog, and not afraid of hurting it.
  • If the dog loves to bite the leash, then you need to match a stainless steel connecting rope, so that the part near the dog is a stainless steel chain, but also to prevent being easily bitten off.
  • Dogs with unstable personalities, like to burst, must use saddle-shaped chest backs, backs with foam handles, which are convenient for close control.
  • For small and medium-sized, especially hairy small dogs, mesh chest strap is enough, both breathable not stuffy, and with mesh leash overall lightweight, reduce the pressure on the dog, but also to protect the chest thin skin, a multi-benefit.
  • Keep Tibetan mastiff, Castro, Rottweiler and other such fierce dogs need to use a thick full iron chain.
  • For those short-nosed dogs, such as pugs, toy poodles (sensitive trachea), chest strap is relatively safer.

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