1.5″ Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars


The #1 Extra Large Dog Collars with Handle

Keep your pup looking cool with personalized dog collars No worries. We got you! From rugged style to pretty-in-pink to classic camo, your k9 will be feeling their best.

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Dogsfuns 1.5″ Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars with Handle - Strongest, Heavy Duty, Tactical K9 Collar.

Your search is over! Our personalized dog collars are triple-stitched, made with heavy duty nylon, and have a large handle to give you the ability to control your pet. Get one now!

Keep your best friend safe and secure with our handlebar large dog tactical collars! Whether you’re training a new heavy dog or want to make walks more comfortable, Dogsfuns Tactical XL collars are perfect for any large dog. We also offer magic patch placement on each collar so you can personalize your large dog with a morale patch like a love of dog nickname, flag, or other personalized graphics.

Prodcuts Information
Item Included
  • 1  x Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars
  • 1 x Free Special Patches(random gifts)
  • Padded lining for a comfortable fit
  • It is more friendly to the dog’s neck
  • Nylon 1680D material of the highest quality
  • Designed to be breathable and durable
  • Collar that can be adjusted
  • Patch for dog collars
  • Suitable for all breeds and large sizes of dogs
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1.5″ Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars

5 Reasons To Love 1.5″ Extra Large Personalized Dog Collars

Safety, ease of control, and not hurting the dog are especially important for large dogs. We offer the following advantages with our Extra Large Dog Collars.

  1. You know your large dog is a big boy, and he needs a strong collar that can handle him.

  2. This dog collar is not just a fashion accessory! It is essential to your large dog safety and will last you and your pup a lifetime. The handle on this Extra Large collar is perfect for grabbing on to your pup when they’re not listening, getting them out of tight spaces, or just giving them a good shake.

  3. Our dog collars make a statement: “My dog is awesome!” – your family, friends and neighbors. Your pup will be the envy of the neighborhood and will stand out as you walk them around. Besides looking good, they’re made with quality materials that are durable and comfortable for your pet.

  4. You’ve never seen a dog collar like this before. It’s an adjustable Extra Large dog collar with a handle. The handle gives you the ability to easily pick up your dog without straining your back and neck. This is truly the best collar for dogs of any size and age.

  5. Dogsfuns new heavy-duty dog collar with three colors to choose from.
    Camouflage green, camouflage orange and camouflage pink.

Upgrade to the K9 dog collar and leash set
(which includes : 1.5″ Tough Tactical Dog Collar, Heavy Duty Large Dog Training Leash ) and save $20 while you’re at it.

Hand wash with mild soap and warm water.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The size of collar that would be most suitable for our customer’s dog was asked by us.
Dogsfuns large dog collars are primarily designed for large dogs.
To determine the size of your favorite large dog collar, you need to measure it and compare it to our size chart.

Sizes M to XL is available for the 1.5-inch large dog collars.

  • The M dog collar fits neck sizes of 38-46.9 cm or 14.9-18.46 inches.
  • The L collar fits necks measuring 44.9-54.6 cm or 17.67-21.49 inches.
  • XL is between 53 and 63 cm or 20.8 and 24.8 inches.

It’s easy to find the size of collar your dog needs. Knowing the breed, age, and weight of your dog will help you find what size collar is needed for their activity. ⁣⁣

60 pounds is about – a golden retriever’s weight or about – an Afghan hound’s weight.⁣⁣

To find out what collar size your large dog needs, measure its loose neck with a cloth measuring tape and then add about 4-5 inches to that measurement. Now you’ll have to measure around your dog’s neck to see if their circumference falls within the range of 2″ to 3″.The collar should be tight enough that it gives your dog a firm, reassuring squeeze.

The following steps will help you decide what size collar your dog needs:

A cloth tape measure or piece of string can be used to measure the center of your dog’s neck a few inches below their head. Don’t pull the tape/string too tight. Afterward, measure the string with a rigid ruler if you used a piece of string.

When measuring for fit, wrap a tape around your dog’s neck halfway between the back of his head and the top of his shoulders. To ensure proper sizing, add at least one inch. When the collar is properly fitted, you should be able to slip two fingers between his neck and collar.

The German Shepherd’s head shape is unique, with a thick neck (usually 18″ to 24″) compared to its skull size. Shepherds can slip out of their collars if they are not fitted properly. It is also advisable to choose a collar that is 1″ to 1.5″ wide in order to prevent a strong dog from slipping.

Dogsfuns 1.5 inch wide Extra Large dog collars are suitable for all brands of large dogs.

What kind of dogs wear wide collars?

Large Dogs
Larger dogs are most likely to have them. Extra-wide and thick collars are common on dogs tasked with search-and-rescue, law enforcement investigations, and security.

There are a huge number of benefits to wearing a wide collar rather than a tight one. Here’s why: ⁣-It reduces the risks of damaging your dog’s neck or tracheal area by providing more room to move. ⁣-The wider collar provides better movement and less risk of tissue damage. ⁣-A wide collar can provide some protection against external problems such as a wandering eye or ear.⁣-It’s much easier to give your dog a treatment when you can easily access his throat and cranium.⁣

Size Chart
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Camouflage Green, Camouflage Pink, Camouflage Orange


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