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Premium Prong Collar for Large Dogs with Rubber-Tipped Prongs


Control and comfort combined in our prong collar for large dogs. Designed for safety, it features rubber-tipped prongs for gentle stimulation. Train your Great Dane effectively with our martingale pinch collar, improving leash manners. Trust our collar with rubber tips for behavior modification and a strong connection. Experience maximum control and safety.

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Why Choose a Prong Collar?

  • Effective Training Tool
  • Gentle Stimulation for Behavior Correction
  • Improved Control and Communication
  • Addressing Common Behavior Issues
  • Versatile and Customizable
  • Efficient Learning Process
  • Prioritizing Safety and Well-being
  • Recommended by Professionals
  • Enhancing the Walking Experience
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The Greatest Behavior Transformation with a Prong Collar:

Improved Leash Manners and Control | Transformed Behavior and Enhanced Connection

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The Key Concerns when using a Prong Collar:

  •  Worried that your dog’s behavior won’t improve?
    Unlock behavioral transformations with our safe and effective prong collar.
  • Concerned about potential harm to your beloved dog?
    Rest assured, our prong collar is designed with your dog’s safety in mind.
  • Wondering how the prong design works without causing harm?
    Our collar delivers gentle stimulation, not pain, for effective training.
  • Still worried about discomfort for your furry friend?
    Fear not! Our pinch dog collar prioritizes both safety and your dog’s comfort.
  • Seeking expert advice to alleviate your concerns?
    Hear it from our trusted experts who vouch for the safety of our prong collar.
  • Apprehensive about potential skin irritation?
    We’ve got you covered! Our prongs are thoughtfully designed with rubber tips.
  • Unsure about long-term usage?
    Optimal comfort is paramount, so we recommend supervised and appropriate usage.

Dogsfuns Prong Collar with rubber tips for Large Dogs- Adjustable Dog Training Collar with Quick Release Buckle for Large Dogs

Why us

What Is Prong Collar For Dogs?

Prong collars (also known as clips or constriction collars) are made of metal and are designed to tighten the dog’s neck when pressure is applied. Silver and Gold Prong collars have a series of fang-shaped metal links, or prongs, with blunt points that pinch the loose skin on the dog’s neck when pulled.

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About Dogsfuns Prong Pinch Dog Collar For Large Dogs


  • Suitable for dog training Ultra-strong martingale pinch collar
  • Swivel 360 degree design prevents dog leash tangles
  • Center plate makes for a balanced fit
  • Quick-release safety buckle, smooth and sturdy 3s release metal carabiner
  • Fastening plates for more secure attachment
  • Length: 16 inches (41 cm)
  • Fits dogs with a neck size of 14 inches (36 cm) and weighing no more than 30 pounds (13.5 kg)


  • Stainless steel – sturdy.
  • Dogsfuns paw collar is made of 316L stainless steel. The hooks are removable and changeable in length, stainless steel titanium steel chain.
  • There is a high gloss surface that can provide your dog with stable use for a long time also will not wear out, increased rust resistance, because even if the surface is damaged will not rust
  • Suitable for high humidity environments
  • In 9 out of 10 cases, it will not stain light colored fur.
dog prong collar
dog prong collar
dog prong collar

Reasons To Love Dogsfuns Prong Collar for Large Dogs

How important is it that your Large Dog follow your steps when you are walking and obeys your commands when you are correcting him?  The Dogsfuns Stainless Steel Prong Collar is a good choice.

With 316L stainless steel links and a 3.0mm wire diameter, this large dog collar is designed to provide maximum strength and durability while providing maximum comfort for your large dog. It mimics how a mother dog naturally corrects her puppy.

You can easily walk 3 big dogs with one hand and control them with no problem with Dogsfuns Prong collars for Hounds, Sleds, etc. Women who are not very big will feel more in control if their big dog chases squirrels with a Prong collars.

This is a great tool to train your dog to be pleasant to walk with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although some people may think pinch collars and prong collars are different, they refer to the same type of collar. The term pinch refers to the way you have to pinch the prongs to open and close the collar, while prong relates to the prongs that protrude toward the neck and are the mechanism for training.


To maintain control over their dogs, law enforcement trainers and service dog handlers use prong collars.

Many trainers choose the ages 4-6 months as the perfect age window to start using prong collars. At this age, their necks are not fragile and can withstand the pulling of their collars. They are much stronger, and the prongs do not harm or disturb the puppies either.

According to one dog trainer who has trained thousands of dogs, never has he seen a dog become more aggressive, anxious or fearful as a result of using a prong collar. He has seen them become more balanced and confident because there are no longer mixed signals.

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Black, Golden, Silver


16inch (40cm), 22inch (55cm), 26inch (65cm)

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Premium Prong Collar for Large Dogs with Rubber-Tipped Prongs