Great peace of mind – hardly knows he’s wearing it

We adopted our cat Basil from Battersea Cat’s Home last year and were concerned that he might get lost in the first few weeks he was allowed outside.

Purchasing this tracker was a great decision! It’s about the size of a 9v battery and though quite heavy to hold didn’t phase him at all (he hardly seemed to know he was wearing it).

Gave us peace of mind when we were out at work to know where he was and it’s great fun to check his route at the end of the day and see what he’s been up to.

He lost his collar a couple of times and we were able to track down the tracker via the app.

I’ve knocked off one star as the tracker noises/alarm stopped working after about 6 months (which we use when he’s lost his collar) so we had to send off for a replacement. Apart from that the tracker’s been very useful.

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