The FA29 Pendant GPS Tracker Review

Here We Have The FA29 Pendant GPS Tracker-It Can Work on Children and Dogs and Cats

Dogsfuns Dog tracker or kids activity tracker, as well as an SOS pendant.

I’m going to run through a few other its features, so this one does give you a live GPS starter, so you can see exactly where it is at any one time.

You got an emergency S-O-S button.

dogsfuns gps tracker for dog
gps tracker for dog

It does have two-way communication, so you can call it and you can use it to call you. It’s fully rechargeable battery.

A nice magnetic connection on the back here for that.

Dogsfuns GPS Tracker for Kids/Elderly with Two-way Voice
Dogsfuns GPS Tracker for Kids/Elderly with Two-way Voice
kids fitness tracker

It can store up to three months’ worth of historical data, so via the app, you can actually go and see where it has been over that time and play it back.

Due to the nice O ring on here, we’ve got a waterproof design, so if it’s going to be splashes rained on anything like that,

This, you know, will be completely fine.

I’m going to run quickly through what’s in the box, obviously, you get your GPS tracker itself.

Get the charging cable. The magnetic charging cable.

gps microchip for dogs

You get the color if you’re going to use it for a pet. This is the rubber holder to help attach it to the color.

gps microchip for dogs

I mean,

You have got the SIM card detecting tool, and they also give you two spare screws.

For the cover for the same trait, which is great, cause there’s a small.

They even give you some toys. This will help you get the SIM card in and out if you need to.

A lanyard to attach the side of it, so it can be easily worn, and of course to use a manual.

定位器 英文1 03

So I’m going to run through some basic pieces on the actual GPS itself. On the side, we have the on off button.

On the back, as mentioned before, we have the charging port here.

You cannot attach this the wrong way. It’s got some positive and negative magnets, you know, lock itself right on if I try and do it the other way.

It will repel, which is great, so you can only get it one way.

This will charge on a five volt, one app, or five volt, two M parcels.

tracking collars for hunting dogs

On the side you’ve got the SIM tray, so this one has the two screws here.

And you remove this.

dog training tracker

And insert the SIM, the SIM card should be another one, and it should be inserted with the Gobit facing up towards here, you’ll see that in the user manual as well.

This year is the SOS button.

fitness tracker for kids

And on the back then the bottom here, we have a little reset button if we need to reset the device.

To turn on the device.

Present, hold it on, off button till it vibrates, and it’s the little pair up sequence You’ll see here.

pet tracker without monthly fee



To para it off, press this button quickly, ten times, or there is an option once you’ve got it set up in the app to turn it off via the app.

I’m going.

Now it’s off, that’s the G. p. s. unit. There really straightforward.

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