What is a wireless dog fence?

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What is a wireless dog fence?

Wireless Dog Fence is a new Dog gps tracker generation pet fence system that use GPS positioning technology, it is more accurate and stable,it can maintain the canines safe in an adjustable location.

Working Principle

Wireless Dog Fence perfectly solves the inherent defects of the traditional Dog gps electric fences-unstable signal and inaccurate distance control. Due to the wide coverage and accuracy of the GPS signal, it is difficult to be interfered by metal and obstacles, it means your dogs will be never mistakenly warned and injured.gps tracker for dog

With GPS wireless pet dog fences you can set borders for your puppy. You’re not restricted to the round radius centered on the base station that has ended up being commonplace in dog fences throughout the market. What’s more– you can also track your pet dog making use of the GPS to make sure that you can recognize exactly where they are at perpetuity. If your canine takes place to exceed the limits of the containment system, this is particularly helpful. You’ll have the ability to pull up your radar and also find your canine before the situation gets back at worse.

There are quite a few GPS pet fence systems readily available on the marketplace today, however as it’s a fairly new innovation you do need to be careful with the products you acquire.

Some problems should be paid attention to when choosing dog GPS tracker.

  • Adjustable range- maximum diameter, how many meters? How many feet from the launcher? How many meters is the error?

Initially, you will need to take into consideration exactly how large of a space you would certainly like your pet dog to wander. Some GPS devices extend to 800 yards, while others have a maximum of 100 yards.  

  • Adjustable range-You can set how big the fence is and can you easily change it?
  • How many days does the Dog gps?
  • Is IP67 waterproof?
  • What is the cost performance ratio?
  • Is there an alarm when a pet is in danger or fleeing the fence?

A lot of GPS devices enable you to pick in between shock, beep and vibration settings, and additionally the degree of sensitivity. When deciding on what type of device or mode will certainly function for you, the dimension and also character of your dog is something you need to consider. A bigger dog may need even more vibration, while a smaller dog will require more sensitivity. Try to find a device that has multiple warnings and also ranges of sensitivity to assist you tailor that device for your animal.

dog gps tracker - Dogsfuns

If you have multiple pets, look for a device that can track multiple dogs. This will allow you to purchase one system and the amount of receivers you need. This is both cost saving and time saving.

There are a number of factors you want to consider when looking for your GPS fence.

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