What Is The Difference Between A Dog GPS Tracker And A Bluetooth Anti-Loss Device?

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It is no less than a nightmare when you try to find your lost pet. However, with the help of several advanced technologies of recent times, a tracker or anti-loss device can come into use to ease your fear. They help in better tracking your lost furry friend. Like several technology products available in the market, there remains a difference in their features, pricing, specifications and more.

Some possess the ability to inform you whenever your furry friends vacate the designated space. The more advanced ones offer a complete timeline of all the places that your furry friend moves. So, what is this tracker, and how does it help?

A tracker is a compact device that you usually can attach, hook or stick to your belongings. You can even connect it to a mobile app. After activation of the tracker, it will record all the locations of your pet and notify them on your mobile phone. Hence, a personal tracker helps to locate your lost or misplaced objects by checking their direction.

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Moreover, smart trackers can be of different features, shapes and sizes to satisfy everyone. But the question is how to mark the difference between them and decide the right one? Below is a quick comparison between Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers with their main features and specifications. Read on to know more about them.

Bluetooth Trackers And Their Functions

Bluetooth trackers or item finders are compact devices that connect to your mobile phone. This allows you to locate them whenever the tracker is in Bluetooth range. They are ideal for those who need a little help tracking their pet, wallet, keys or some other personal items.

So, if your furry friend runs away more than the Bluetooth range could cover, it will not be able to track their whereabouts. Besides, many Bluetooth trackers do not even use GPS though some claim to do so falsely. However, the good thing is most of them do require a little power.

Maximum Effective Range

Bluetooth trackers can effectively cover a 200 ft maximum range. It is because the signal strength depends between your mobile phone and the Bluetooth tracker. Hence, if your pet runs off more than 40 meters, the Bluetooth tracker will not work efficiently.

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Advantages and Limitations of Bluetooth Trackers

Every Bluetooth tracker will give notifications when you check them using your mobile phone. You can even take help from them to get a notification of your lost device if you miss out. Plus, they offer a long battery life at a lower price.

Bluetooth trackers are usually lightweight and compact though the size varies. You can attach them to the collar or any other surface only to find out the exact localization.

However, the limitations of these trackers are that they can only send you notifications when your device is nearby. Again, they are so small that your dog can even swallow them by mistake.

GPS Trackers And Their Functions

Getting precise location has become faster with a GPS tracker. It helps to keep a constant track of the location of your pet. This can significantly consume more power than a Bluetooth device but is rechargeable.

With this tracker, you can set up many areas to receive information on the activities of your tracker.

Maximum Effective Range

GPS trackers are a global positioning system that uses GPS technology to notify you of the accurate location of your pet anywhere in the world. Yes, it is so efficient that no matter what the weather condition is or where you are standing, it can show you the exact location.

Advantages and Limitations of GPS Trackers

Firstly, GPS tracker gives worldwide coverage, which means wherever your dog goes, you can have an unlimited range of tracking. Plus, it allows you to get accurate information about location data. Furthermore, you do not need to have a base station to get such broad coverage.

However, GPS trackers do not get automatic sound alerts. You need to invest additional charges either as monthly fees or within the device itself.

Main Differences between Bluetooth Trackers and GPS Trackers

If you want to determine whether to get a Bluetooth tracker or GPS tracker, this comparison list will help you understand the suitable device.

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  • Bluetooth Tracker: Small and compact in size
  • GPS Tracker: Comparatively large and heavier in size


  • Bluetooth Tracker: Easy to track personal objects like keys, wallets, bags and other stuff
  • GPS Tracker: Tracks pet efficiently


  • Bluetooth Tracker: It is cheaper and can cost around $24.99
  • GPS Tracker: It is much more expensive and can cost around between $69 and $300, or even more.

Effective Range

  • Bluetooth Tracker: It can cover up to 200 feet
  • GPS Tracker: It gives constant worldwide coverage


  • Bluetooth Tracker: It depends on the Bluetooth signal
  • GPS Tracker: Easy to set up in multiple areas

Battery Consumption

  • Bluetooth Tracker: It consumes low power
  • GPS Tracker: It consumes high power

A perfect combination of both

If you want to get the best of both trackers, you can bring a Bluetooth GPS Tracker for your furry friend. Yes, you read that right! With a Bluetooth GPS Tracker, you do not need to get into the dilemma of choosing between a Bluetooth tracker and a GPS tracker. This device helps to combine Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi together to inform you of the most exact location available.

Bottom Line

When searching for Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers, you will get several of them in the marketplace. Among them, the functionality may differ. Most notably, GPS trackers are specifically more compatible to track pets. They often feature live tracking, worldwide coverage, activity monitoring, location history and sharing.

Bluetooth trackers, on the other hand, are suitable to find personal belongings, including wallets, keys, etc. They are small and come with a long battery shelf life. However, they can work only within a limited mobile phone range. Moreover, as they do not use GPS, you cannot rely on them if your dog leaves the Bluetooth range.

So, if you want to keep your pet in check, use a combination of Bluetooth GPS trackers to avoid losing your furry friend.

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