What is the Dogsfans Dog GPS Tracker?

How much is a GPS tracker for a dog?

Dogsfuns is the revolutionary tracking device that lets you find your missing pets/kids. Attaching easily to your dog’s collar, the device is lightweight yet robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to.

A group of dog owners and dog lovers alike, They team is always accompanied by our four-legged family members- at home, on the go, and even at the office! We come from diverse backgrounds and rally around your passion for keeping our pets safe and happy.

Dog GPS & Activity Trackers

Is your pet dog an escape artist that somehow takes care of to free himself from the lawn regularly? Or possibly you’re training a hunting dog as well as he’s discovering to follow commands in the field. Whatever your factor is, obtaining some sort of pet tracker is a good idea for keeping tabs on your family pets. If you’re wanting to include a GPS dog collar or cat tracker to the list of animal materials for your next order, you’ve pertained to the appropriate place.

If you simply intend to add a GPS tracker to any of your dog collars the Dogsfuns GPS Tracker easily attaches to your pet dog’s collar and also allows you to track their actions with the 150-foot span!

What Else Can Dogsfuns GPS Dog Collar Track?

For Dogs & Cats

Dogsfuns Pets allows dog owners to be notified when their pets run away, find them quickly when it happens, and follow up their daily level of activity.

For Children & Kids

Dogsfuns Kids guides your kids during family trips and in their first autonomous steps; their first journeys alone for instance.

For Seniors & Elderly

Dogsfuns Elderly allows senior citizens to preserve a specific freedom when they begin shedding their memory or physical abilities, while guaranteeing their loved ones about their safety.

How Dogsfuns Dog GPS tracker Connect

All the trackers we’ve tested use apps for Android or iOS devices to give you a quick read on the data they collect. Few provide a web-based interface. If you’re not a smartphone user, you’re probably not going to be a tracking customer.

Why Training Your Dog Is So Important & How to Start

GPS trackers can help you hunt down missing pets, alert you if your dog leaves the yard, and give you general peace of mind. Most location monitors for pets work using GPS activity tracking, Bluetooth, WiFI, or some combination of the three to track your pet’s movements and pinpoint their exact location via a companion app.

The Best Protect Pets/Kids/Elderly GPS Tracking Solution.

  • Deal for tracking Pets and family members(Children and the elderly).
  • Voice capabilities allow for active listening or two-way phone calls.
  • The tracker has a phone number that you can call to talk.
  • GPS tracker updates it’s location every 3 minutes.
  • Works virtually everywhere! The tracker uses the 4G LTE cellular network.
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser.

Dogsfuns GPS Tracker Features:

Real-time GPS, WIFI & CELL location

Historical route


Calling (phone book, SOS call button, two-way communication)

Health pedometer

Medication reminders

power saving mode

Other settings and functions

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