Dogsfuns GPS Tracker for Child/Kids/Elderly with 4G Two-way Voice


✅ Easy to use: one click is very friendly to kids and the elderly!
✅ 2-Way Voice: you can know family information at any time.
✅ Easy to hide:Fits easily inside a backpack, purse or pocket.
✅ Long distance real-time Tracker: using 4G system, updates it’s location every 3 minutes.It is the most powerful GPS tracking system.

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One Click for Help – Easy to use

During an Emergency you can use Tracking, 2-Way Voice and the Alarm feature for help with finding your lost child or Elderly.

When the Call button is pressed, the pre-programmed number in the tracker will call your phone and you can have a two-way conversation.

For the Elderly Your Loved

If the elderly and your loved one has an emergency, they press and hold the one touch “SOS” button and the 4G GPS pendant immediately calls you. If you don’t answer, the pendant tracker will automatically call up to 2 more people in the priority that you choose.

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kids activity tracker

Track Your Kids use Kids Fitness Tracker

Just slip the tracker into a backpack, or pocket to see up-to-the-moment location tracking from your phone or browser. Our tracking apps make it easy to see where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been.

This ability to do two-way voice calls makes it easy to stay in contact with your kids or other family members. The tracker increases safety and gives you peace of mind with reliable tracking + voice.
You can call the tracker’s phone number to talk to your loved one.
The tracker will call you when the button is pressed.

GPS tracker no momey monthly fee

It’s so tiny!
There’s a lot to love about this tiny tracker. The tracker fits comfortably inside a pocket, backpack, or purse. Getting started with the Takie Tracker is easy. Everything you need to get started tracking is included ( tracker, a USB charger and cable, SIM card, getting started instructions, and a phone number for the tracker). If you’re tracking a DOG, we recommend the Dogsfuns GPS Dog Collars.


  • EXQUISITE HANG ROPE FOR FREE: Wear it around your neck with our beautiful hang rope.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Small, compact and fits in your pocket with ease.
  • HIGH LEVEL WATERPROOF: Take it in shower or out in the rain without a second thought.
  • HISTORICAL ROUTE: the application will keep a historical record of all the watches movements for the past 3 months

Comments from Over 5,000 Kids and Elderly

Just purchased for my parents.Worked straight out of the box.Have done a couple of test runs and works perfectly.

Need to work out what the safe button  is  for and how to answer the unit if called from my phone.Signed up forc3 year subscription, works out the best value by far.” — Ian

With Dogsfuns, we were easily able to track our son as he ventured out on journeys to and from his new school. So we knew where he was and when at all times. Fabulous.” —- Julie Nicholson

When our son started at a secondary…

When our son started at a secondary school that banned mobile phones, we were looking for a way to keep in touch with him. Dogsfuns Kids has been perfect. The accuracy is amazing and we feel reassured. Recommended.

Andrea London

Best Tracker and Support.

Tracker is nearly perfect. We use this tracker for our kids for more than 1 years. The only drawback is the battery, because it looses performance at the time. Also the charging socket was defect once. But don’t worry about that. The support of dogsfuns is the best i have ever seen. The problems where solved in no time. İ can recommend the tracker.

Adem Yavuz

Dogsfuns Kids highly recommended

Got two Dogsfuns Kids. We are very satisfied! Even when our device was defective, this was easily renewed even though no warranty was completed! We’ve had our big ones since the first. Let class go and have always had your eye on! It facilitates the freedom of children! Absolutely recommended!

Ahmet Kücük

Dogsfuns Kids for school starter

I got the kid device for my child Ehen she started School first grade and it works perfectly – we have now for 3 years . It shows exact location and also the SOS calling and infoservice works properly. I can really recommend . Also the service was just perfect and fast because we had twice a malfunction and got a new device.


Order and delivery Dogsfuns-Kids

The order via the Dogsfuns homepage was quite simple and the delivery of the device took place quickly, within four days. Installing the APP and setting up the customer account at Dogsfuns is easy and can be done in a short time.

Torsten Schneider

Grandpa got lost… To be continued

My 90 year old father is losing his independence and sense of direction… We installed a “child” GPS on his key (the elderly don’t), which reassured him in case… Because he disconnected after charging… Remote management is more difficult… But this is a good QD mm.

Sofi Sherab

Gps locator for kids

I founded this gps kids locator on search engine. When to the website and clear straight order. Quick delivery and so far do goo. Just starting testing the gps today.

Ivan Panayotov

Dogsfuns Kids

The product for re-entry has been received with slight defects on the button. VAS (Joe) returned one to me in less than two days. This is a very easy-to-use product that can reassure parents and children in the early stages of autonomy. Through the application, automatically send an alarm when entering / exiting the predefined area, press the message type button (x2), and send SOS on the parents’ mobile phone. You may call botier to understand the situation (10 minutes per month is basically enough) I recommend



Very useful help to have children free to walk around but always under supervision.

Sara Stanton

A great Tracker

it a great service from Dogsfuns for a small price and particularly usefull if you do not want a smart phone in your kids hand. Usually works as it should so it great. Nice would be no limit of SMS or the call time of 10 min per month should be raised as is just happens to be too less. i never had to used it but sometime the SOS is accidently pressed and woof there goes your 10 min..or you run out of your SMS pack.. i mean its 2021 SMS limit !! comeon!


Excellent GPS and good value for money

I’ve had one of their trackers for over 2 years now and have had excellent customer service when the device stopped working. The tracker has been invaluable to us as a family dealing with a child that has autism and a tendency to wander. Worth every penny.

Sharron H.

Great Device for Peace of Mind for Elderly Parents

Just purchased for my parents.Worked straight out of the box.Have done a couple of test runs and works perfectly. Need to work out what the safe button is for and how to answer the unit if called from my phone.Signed up forc3 year subscription, works out the best value by far.


great tracking device for kids

great tracking tool for kids (and elderly). It has very good accuracy (which is what you need when accidentally missing to see your dear on) and it has the emergency button that allows to get in a voice call with who’s holding the device, in case of need.It also has the option (controllable via the phone app) that increases the frequency at which the location of the device is checked, that is also another very useful feature when tracking the ongoing movement of the kid.


Peace of mind

When my son went to secondary school he travelled there and back alone, mobile phones are not allowed in his school at all. I got him the kids Dogsfuns when he was 10/11 years old he is now turning 15 years old and we still use it. It has given me a peace of mind that is priceless. When he was younger he found the feature of the SOS call reassuring, he could contact me if he felt anxious/vulnerable, as he’s got older he hasn’t used it as often. All round the Dogsfuns is a godsend that lets you know where your child is and gives you peace so that you can give your child independence.

Suzanne Glencairn-Campbell

To and from school

With Dogsfuns, we were easily able to track our son as he ventured out on journeys to and from his new school. So we knew where he was and when at all times. Fabulous.

Julie Nicholson

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