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World’s Most Accurate GPS Tracker: Real-Time Location Monitoring with 4 Modes for Precision & Efficiency! 

  • Combines GPS, BDS, WiFi, and LBS for unbeatable accuracy and coverage, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Dogsfuns GPS tracker for seniors intelligently switches between these modes, ensuring accurate and reliable location tracking in various environments while conserving battery life.
  •  Scenario : Alice’s mother lives hundreds of kilometers away in a rural area. Using the Dogsfuns tracking device for seniors, Alice can see her mother’s exact location in real-time. The map interface shows WiFi positioning in orange, GPS (BDS) in blue, and LBS in purple. Today, Alice notices her mother is at the local market (indicated by a blue GPS dot). Relieved, she decides not to call, knowing her mother is safe and active.

Wandering Prevention with Electronic Geofencing  

  • Customizable Safe Zones: Set personalized boundaries to match daily routines.
  • Instant Alerts: Receive real-time notifications if the boundaries are crossed.
  • Enhanced Safety: Quickly respond to potential dangers or disorientation.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup via a user-friendly app, making it accessible for all caregivers.
  • Scenario: Lena, who has Parkinson’s, walked out of the yard, and our tracker immediately alerted her husband Mike in the kitchen.
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Emergency Call and One-Press  SOS Button

  • Dogsfuns tracking device for seniors includes a simple one-touch emergency assistance feature, ideal for seniors with medical conditions or cognitive limitations. With just a press and hold of a button, users can instantly reach pre-set caregivers, initiating a two-way communication link for swift assistance. This intuitive function requires no prior learning, offering peace of mind and quick access to help when necessary.
  • Scenario: Peter, a solitary elderly man who enjoys fishing, has an accident by the river and slips. Fortunately, he’s equipped with our tracker. With a single press, he triggers the emergency assistance feature, reaching his daughter in Los Angeles. Through the two-way voice function, she learns of the situation and accurately shares Peter’s location with local medical personnel, ensuring prompt assistance for her father.
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Health Tracking Feature & Medication Reminder 

    • The integration of health tracking and medication reminder features provides users with a holistic approach to managing their health, addressing both physical activity and medication adherence.
    • Scenario: Mike utilizes our tracking software to monitor his parents’ physical activity levels and movement patterns over a period of time. Additionally, he caters to the specific needs of his diabetic father by setting up a personalized medication regimen with timed reminders. 
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It’s so tiny – smallest gps tracker 

There’s a lot to love about this tiny tracker. The tracker fits comfortably inside a pocket, backpack, or purse. Getting started with the Takie Tracker is easy. Everything you need to get started tracking is included ( tracker, a USB charger and cable, SIM card, getting started instructions, and a phone number for the tracker). If you’re tracking a DOG, we recommend the Dogsfuns GPS Dog Collars.


  • EXQUISITE HANG ROPE FOR FREE: Wear it around your neck with our beautiful hang rope.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Small, compact and fits in your pocket with ease.
  • HIGH LEVEL WATERPROOF: Take it in shower or out in the rain without a second thought.
  • HISTORICAL ROUTE: the application will keep a historical record of all the watches movements for the past 3 months
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our tracking device for seniors combines four positioning systems to provide the most accurate location tracking. GPS and BDS offer precise global outdoor positioning. WiFi provides accurate indoor positioning, and LBS uses cellular networks for broad coverage in areas with weak GPS signals.

Our no subscription gps tracker does not have a monthly fee. However, since it uses a 4G system, you will need a Nano-SIM card. Any associated costs depend on your mobile carrier and their data plan.

The combination of GPS, BDS, WiFi, and LBS ensures unmatched accuracy and reliability, providing precise location updates in various environments and situations.

The battery is designed for efficiency. In normal tracking mode, it lasts 7-14 days on a single charge. However, if two-way communication is used frequently, battery life will be similar to that of a typical smartphone, requiring more frequent charging.

If the emergency button is pressed, you will receive an immediate alert with the exact location. You can then quickly respond or contact emergency services if needed.

Yes, our tracker uses global positioning systems and works internationally. However, please check the local cellular network compatibility for optimal performance.

Comments from Over 5,000 Elderly

Just purchased for my parents.Worked straight out of the box.Have done a couple of test runs and works perfectly.

Need to work out what the safe button  is  for and how to answer the unit if called from my phone.Signed up forc3 year subscription, works out the best value by far.” — Ian

With Dogsfuns, we were easily able to track our son as he ventured out on journeys to and from his new school. So we knew where he was and when at all times. Fabulous.” —- Julie Nicholson


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