Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel – 3.2L/108oz Pet Fountain Water Bowl Dog Drinking Dispenser

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Key Features:

  • Crafted from durable stainless steel material for rust-resistant and safe long-term use. Generous 3.2L/108oz capacity provides plenty of water for your cat.
  • Built-in water pump continuously cycles and filters water for 24/7 fresh, moving water that entices cats to drink more.
  • Convenient viewing window allows easy monitoring of water levels without constant checks.

Dogsfuns - Make Your Pet Love Drinking!

Revitalize Your Pet’s Hydration Habit: Natural Flowing Water Cat Fountain.

make the pet love drinking

Enhance Your Pet's Hydration: With Our Four-Layer Filtration System for Softened Water.

Our cat water fountain isn’t just a water dispenser, it’s a commitment to your pet’s health.With a sophisticated four-layer filtration system, including non-woven fabric, activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and a protective plastic shell, we ensure the highest purity of drinking water for your cat.

Four-layer Filtration System

Maintain Your Pet's Water Freshness for Days: High-Capacity 3.2L/108oz Cat Fountain

Keeping your pet’s water fresh has never been easier or more efficient. You can ensure your pet enjoys fresh, clean water for several days without a refill. This is more than a convenience feature – it’s a commitment to your pet’s health and well-being.

3.2L/108oz Cat Fountain

Food-Grade Hydration Solution: The 304 Stainless Steel Cat Fountain

Known for its food-grade quality and resistance to scratches, even from your pet’s claws, this fountain ensures long-lasting use without compromising safety. One of its notable features is its ability to prevent “black chin”, keeping your pet clean all day long.

304 1

Peaceful Hydration: The Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain

Day or night, the quiet performance of our pet fountain makes it an unobtrusive addition to your home.


Are you looking for a high-quality, automated cat water fountain for your feline friend?

Dogsfuns Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain, the ideal hydration solution for your cat.

Product NameDogsfuns Cat Water Fountain
StyleSquare, oval, pirate ship
ColorStainless Steel
MaterialStainless Steel

Crafted from durable stainless steel, this cat water fountain holds a generous 3.2L/108oz of fresh, flowing water. An internal water pump continuously cycles and filters the water, keeping it fresh and clean for your cat to enjoy throughout the day. Cats are naturally drawn to moving water, so the recirculating stream encourages increased water intake compared to a stationary bowl.

With its large capacity and easy-to-fill design, you’ll spend less time refilling and more time petting your cat. A convenient window allows you to monitor water levels with a simple glance.

Top-rated by pet owners, the Dogsfuns Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain is the perfect interior drinking fountain to keep your cat hydrated while providing the benefits of fresh, filtered water 24/7. Buy with confidence and give your feline friend the water they deserve.

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1. Is this cat water fountain easy to clean and maintain?

The water fountain is designed for simple maintenance. The removable water basin and pump are both dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning.

2. How often do I need to change the water?

With the built-in water filtration system, you typically only need to replace 25-30% of the water every 2-3 days to keep it fresh for your cat.

3. Will multiple cats be able to use it at once?

Yes, the large 3.2L capacity means this water fountain can accommodate multiple cats drinking simultaneously. The stream also replenishes quickly.

4. Is it noisy when in use?

The integrated water pump is whisper quiet. You’ll barely hear it running in the background.

5. What’s your return policy if I’m not satisfied?

All Dogsfuns products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. We’re confident you’ll love how your cat responds to this hydration station!


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Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel - 3.2L/108oz Pet Fountain Water Bowl Dog Drinking Dispenser
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