FA29 user guide 1

GPS Tracker for Elderly

User Guide| How To Use The Dogsfuns GPS Tracker(FA29)

GPS tracker for seniors

How To Use The Elderly GPS Tracker- Section 1

Before first use elderly gps tracker, fully charge the battery.

Do NOT turn the tracker on until the SIM card has been installed following the instructions outlined here.

How To Use The Dogsfuns GPS Tracker For Elderly- Section 2

There are three location update modes. User can switch the working mode via mobile phone APP, Click ‘Settings’ button top of App / Set ‘Location
Update schedule’.

gps tracker for elderly
Dogsfuns elderly gps tracker

How To Connect / Install . GPS Tracker For Seniors APP(FA29)- Section 3

During installation, the phone prompts whether to trust the APP or whether to allow prompt access to phone location, etc. Please select trusted and allowed all the time.

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