User Guide | The Dogsfuns FA29 GPS Tracker Function Description- 2

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 Location Update Schedule Modes:
There are three location update modes. User can switch the working mode via mobile phone APP, Click ‘Settings’ button top of App / Set ‘Location
Update schedule’.

  1. Normal mode: Updates location data to APP every 10 minutes when there is a continuous movement
  2. Power saving mode: Updates location data to APP every hour when there is continuous movement.
  3. Sleep Mode: It is the default mode and simply means that Geo-fence (safe zone) and location updates are both turned off. The user can locate the GPS tracker at any time in this mode with the “Locate” button, this mode is the best way to save battery.


  • ①Under the above three modes, the user can check the current location of the device in real-time by APP. Open the APP in the map interface, click on the locate button, and the GPS tracker will report the up-to-date position as soon as possible.
  • ② in the map, you can see the type of positioning in different colors, WIFI positioning is orange, GPS positioning is blue, LBS positioning is purple
  • ③ In the 10 minutes or 1 hour movement tracking mode, the GPS tracker will regularly update the location on the APP Map page and History
  • ④ The device supports GPS tracking (Outdoor), WIFI tracking (Outdoor and indoor), LBS tracking (Outdoor and indoor). The primary difference between GPS and Wi-Fi locating technologies is in the method of gathering location data. GPS uses satellites that orbit around the Earth to triangulate a user’s location, whereas Wi-Fi locating technology uses relative network signal strength gathered at network access points. GPS tracking is available in out-door but mostly not available for indoor. When the GPS tracker doesn’t find GPS signal, it will use Wi-Fi or LBS tracking, Wi-Fi tracking is better for indoor comparing with LBS tracking.

Historical Location Playback
In the main page of the APP, click the history button in the bottom, you can
check the location history playback within the last three months.

Geo-fence (safe zone):

See What is a wireless dog fence?

This feature defines a Geo-fence (safe zone) perimeter and sends the
user a push notification if the tracker has left or entered the safe zone.
The user can still manually locate the tracker when the safe zone is turned

  • on/off. Click ‘More’-》 ‘Geo-fence’ -》click the “+” icon in the bottom input
    the zone name-》 Click and drag the map to set the center point -》click
  • on the “+” “-” icon or drag to set the coordinates regional context click
    OK in the upper right corner to save the setting.


  • (1)The app will show “leave geofence” alarm information, will not show “enter geofence” (History alarm information can be viewed in APP Information Center, which is in the upper left corner of the map interface).
  • (2)The APP may not notify the user immediately of a geofence breach – it will only check as often as the time interval is set, the GPS positioning time interval is shorter, the alarm information will be sent faster.
  • (3)The user can set up to three Geo-fences.


  • 1)SOS Calling:
    Click APP More-》 Settings -》SOS Numbers – Enter SOS phone numbers, click save.
  • 2) One Button SOS: in case of emergency, long press the power button to trigger the emergency call SOS. At this time, the tracker will call the 3 preset emergency numbers circularly.


  • ① Add a contact: Click APP More-》 Settings-》 Phone Book – Click the Add icon -》Remarks name, numbers, and picture (can be set up to 15 numbers), and finally click OK to save.


The SOS number and phone book are set so that the numbers inside can make two-way communication with the device. The numbers that are not inside will be blocked.

Health pedometer steps

Pedometer feature set:

APP More-》 Healthy steps -》Click on the Settings icon – Add pedometer period time (up to three), and click “save”.

Medication reminders

APP more-》 Settings-》 medication reminders -》Set medication reminders and reminder time text, voice-》 to save.

  • (1) user can set the frequency as single, daily and weekly
  • (2) Set up to three groups.

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