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Keep Your Pet Safe

According to the American Humane Association, more than 10 million pets—cats and dogs—go missing every year, either lost or stolen

Those numbers are disconcerting, especially when you consider just how much happiness our fluffy friends bring into our lives. It’s our duty to keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Dogsfuns is a Pet/Kids GPS tracker that can keep your little one safe at everywhere in between. Its comfortable design won’t interfere with your dogs and kids range of motion.

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Tracker Your Dogs

Dogsfun GPS trackers reports its location every 3 minutes, so you can see exactly where your pet is through our easy-to-use tracking app and see the latest location tracking from your mobile phone or browser at any time.

Our tracking APP can easily see where your tracker is now and wherever it has been. When an emergency occurs, you can get custom alerts by push notifications or text messages.

Tracker You Kids

Just slip the tracker into a backpack, or pocket to see up-to-the-moment location tracking from your phone or browser. Our tracking apps make it easy to see where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been.
This ability to do two-way voice calls makes it easy to stay in contact with your kids or other family members. The tracker increases safety and gives you peace of mind with reliable tracking + voice.
You can call the tracker’s phone number to talk to your loved one.
The tracker will call you when the button is pressed.

dogsfuns gps trackers for kids
GPS locator for the elderly|dogsfuns
GPS locator for the elderly|dogsfuns
  • deal for tracking Pets and family members(Children and the elderly).
  • Voice capabilities allow for active listening or two-way phone calls.
  • The tracker has a phone number that you can call to talk.
  • GPS tracker updates it’s location every 3 minutes.
  • Works virtually everywhere! The tracker uses the 4G LTE cellular network.
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser.

Tracking is easy and can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Install the Logistimatics app on your phone and you’ll see an easy-to-use dashboard that shows you where all your trackers are. You can share your tracker with others so they see where the tracker is in real-time. Our world-class support team is here to help with any questions you have along the way.

dogsfuns 4g gps
dogsfuns gps trackers for kids

Dogsfuns GPS Tracker Features:

  1. Real-time GPS, WIFI & CELL location
  2. Historical route
  3. Geo-fence
  4. Calling (phone book, SOS call button, two-way communication)
  5. Health pedometer
  6. Medication reminders
  7. power saving mode
  8. Other settings and functions



1. What is the range of this tracker?

You can track any place where there is cellular service. Our GPS trackers are not limited by range like some Bluetooth tracking products. GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network. Our trackers work all over the world and will track anywhere there is cellular service.

2.What do I need to do to start tracking my device?

It’s easy to track your device. You can track your device from any web browser or smartphone. After receiving the tracker, you will be able to log in to the tracking application of IOS or Android (or any web browser) and start tracking according to the steps in the user manual.

dogsfuns gps trackers for the elderly

Shop for Dogsfuns

10,000’s of pet owners already use Dogsfuns to protect and find their pets/kids. Why leave finding yours to chance?


Good for what it was used for…

This is such a fun addition to my Halloween decor! Such a big spider! Arrived on time and stays on the spider web outside with no problem. Legs are flexible so easy to maneuver and manipulate to fit where you want. Even came with extra eyes.  

Ron Anderson

HUGE spiders GOOD deal for the Price.

This product is well worth the cost It is exactly what it says it is and I’ve seen similar items at Home Depot or Lowe’s for much more money. I always add webs to my bushes for Halloween and this was the perfect accent. The legs are bendable but pretty sturdy. We’ve had some harsh wind and the spider is still holding strong. Good purchase for the price.!

Danelle Wozniakp

Adjust the legs to achieve desired position

Ordered and recieved the large spider in a timely fashion. The box was smaller than expected but after adjusting the super long legs it was exactly what I expected! Super cute and is a great addition to my front yard! Thank you!!


Giant Furry Spider

Got this giant spider to put on the bush in front of our house. It’s pretty lifelike looking from a distance! It gave my husband the chills and made my toddler freak out until he seen it wasn’t real. It is really furry. The legs are bendable and some legs have bendable feet on them to wrap around webs. I’ve had no issues with it falling off the bush. It’s light weight. And it’s the perfect Halloween decor!

B. Norman

Big Spider

What an amazing spider that we had for Halloween, My kiddos loved it is it super big and huge and scary. We actually packed it up for next year as it so sturdy and will last for years. Do not just get it for Halloween, use if for parties or just fun for a sleepover with the girls. ha love this thing super huge !!


Huge spider!

I ordered 4 of these (one for each of my kids) in each color. All were great except for the “golden” or brown spider. All the others were super fuzzy and hairy which was great. But the brown spider’s legs were just thin wires with a paper like material wrapped around them so the edge this super skinny and not as visible as the other 3. All in all for the price these decorations are great! My little boys just adored them, gave them all names, and had THE BEST time deciding where they would be crawling around our front yard. They are light weight and stick well to standard webbing decorations. I did stick some of their feet under garden rocks to hold them down in case it gets windy. The wire legs require a good deal of manipulation to get the desired effect. I don’t know how the one reviewer got the legs on hers SO straight, mine did not end up looking as goo as that but we love these creepy crawler critters!

Dambo Rankus

When our son started at a secondary…

When our son started at a secondary school that banned mobile phones, we were looking for a way to keep in touch with him. Dogsfuns Kids has been perfect. The accuracy is amazing and we feel reassured. Recommended.

Andrea London

Best Tracker and Support.

Tracker is nearly perfect. We use this tracker for our kids for more than 1 years. The only drawback is the battery, because it looses performance at the time. Also the charging socket was defect once. But don’t worry about that. The support of dogsfuns is the best i have ever seen. The problems where solved in no time. İ can recommend the tracker.

Adem Yavuz

Dogsfuns Kids highly recommended

Got two Dogsfuns Kids. We are very satisfied! Even when our device was defective, this was easily renewed even though no warranty was completed! We’ve had our big ones since the first. Let class go and have always had your eye on! It facilitates the freedom of children! Absolutely recommended!

Ahmet Kücük

Dogsfuns Kids for school starter

I got the kid device for my child Ehen she started School first grade and it works perfectly – we have now for 3 years . It shows exact location and also the SOS calling and infoservice works properly. I can really recommend . Also the service was just perfect and fast because we had twice a malfunction and got a new device.


Order and delivery Dogsfuns-Kids

The order via the Dogsfuns homepage was quite simple and the delivery of the device took place quickly, within four days. Installing the APP and setting up the customer account at Dogsfuns is easy and can be done in a short time.

Torsten Schneider

Grandpa got lost… To be continued

My 90 year old father is losing his independence and sense of direction… We installed a “child” GPS on his key (the elderly don’t), which reassured him in case… Because he disconnected after charging… Remote management is more difficult… But this is a good QD mm.

Sofi Sherab

Gps locator for kids

I founded this gps kids locator on search engine. When to the website and clear straight order. Quick delivery and so far do goo. Just starting testing the gps today.

Ivan Panayotov

Dogsfuns Kids

The product for re-entry has been received with slight defects on the button. VAS (Joe) returned one to me in less than two days. This is a very easy-to-use product that can reassure parents and children in the early stages of autonomy. Through the application, automatically send an alarm when entering / exiting the predefined area, press the message type button (x2), and send SOS on the parents’ mobile phone. You may call botier to understand the situation (10 minutes per month is basically enough) I recommend


SIX Dogsfuns household and counting…

We have SIX Dogsfuns (4 cats/2 dogs), as after much trial and much error from other GPS offerings, we realised that this superb piece of softwear was the best one on the market. I think the reason is that it is geared for children/elderly, so much money and thought has been put into the GPS system. Our two year experience with the Dogsfuns customer services has also proved to be very pleasing due to their efficient, friendly and prompt service. I personally have found the Dogsfuns to be more or less spot on and I love being able to ‘follow’ where my cats are with the live feed. I bring them in at night and all I need to do is to locate them on their Dogsfuns and then go and call them in. I bought the Dogsfuns for the dogs after one of them ran off on hearing a firework. It took over 10 hours to find her and I kicked myself for not having a Dogsfuns on her collar. The softwear was updated this year and it is even better than before. Yes, I’ve had a few glitches along the way, but the issue has always been resolved quickly. I will absolutely be renewing all of the Dogsfuns this year. For peace of mind for your animals, I can’t recommend Dogsfuns highly enough.

Shannon Reeves


Very useful help to have children free to walk around but always under supervision.

Sara Stanton

Great peace of mind – hardly knows he’s wearing it

We adopted our cat Basil from Battersea Cat’s Home last year and were concerned that he might get lost in the first few weeks he was allowed outside. Purchasing this tracker was a great decision! It’s about the size of a 9v battery and though quite heavy to hold didn’t phase him at all (he hardly seemed to know he was wearing it). Gave us peace of mind when we were out at work to know where he was and it’s great fun to check his route at the end of the day and see what he’s been up to. He lost his collar a couple of times and we were able to track down the tracker via the app. I’ve knocked off one star as the tracker noises/alarm stopped working after about 6 months (which we use when he’s lost his collar) so we had to send off for a replacement. Apart from that the tracker’s been very useful.


A great Tracker

it a great service from Dogsfuns for a small price and particularly usefull if you do not want a smart phone in your kids hand. Usually works as it should so it great. Nice would be no limit of SMS or the call time of 10 min per month should be raised as is just happens to be too less. i never had to used it but sometime the SOS is accidently pressed and woof there goes your 10 min..or you run out of your SMS pack.. i mean its 2021 SMS limit !! comeon!


An important part of our lives

We received the new dogsfuns and case in today’s mail. Mango the cat is again ‘findable’. Thank you so much for your generosity for providing the tag. These tags have become such an important part of our lives in locating our indoor cats who we allow outside. Now all 4 cats are easily found when they wander outside.

Lynn K.

A wonderful gift for the dog’s life.

The instructions on the box are very understandable and easy. I connected very easily. I am very happy with the GPS purchase.

Konstantina Dinovitsi

Excellent GPS and good value for money

I’ve had one of their trackers for over 2 years now and have had excellent customer service when the device stopped working. The tracker has been invaluable to us as a family dealing with a child that has autism and a tendency to wander. Worth every penny.

Sharron H.

Momo ‘s Story

Momo is a traveler cat who lives on a sailboat, when up to port, out to take a walk and find a new place. He and his family an adorable couple came to a small fishing village and surprisingly Momo did not return from his walk. After 4 days lost I see the ad they had placed on the internet and I saw a label on the collar. I contacted them for help and drove around town, stopping to use the Dogsfuns. After searching for hours, past midnight, a weak signal in the locator did we have high hopes. Gradually, following dogsfuns signal, we were approaching Momo, hiding, he responded with fear and relief to the call of his own. Momo finally could hug his beloved companion. Who loves his cat like this couple knows the excitement that we had at that time. Now Momo continues its adventure surrounded by love and happiness

Louise W.

FAB product!

Never actually knew whether our Toy Poodle Missie was getting enough exercise or not – now we know for sure that she most definitely is! Easy to set up and use for a non-techy person like me. Hard-working owner’s guilt assuaged! Thank you Dogsfuns.  💛

Saved me again

So fun! Love dogsfuns saved me again just today when my (4 day post-spay surgery) husky decided she had enough rest and needed a run! Found her in less than 2 mins with her tracker! Could have taken much longer and possibly injured her healing area if it wasn’t for her dogsfuns Collar.💛🐶🐾💛

Nicole S.

Helped me get my escape artist back!

This is the best! I got it for my dog in December because he’s an escape artist… today I was at work and I got an alert that my dog left home… because of that I was able to call the other people in the house who had no idea and they got him for me.

Rachel D.

Great Device for Peace of Mind for Elderly Parents

Just purchased for my parents.Worked straight out of the box.Have done a couple of test runs and works perfectly. Need to work out what the safe button is for and how to answer the unit if called from my phone.Signed up forc3 year subscription, works out the best value by far.


great tracking device for kids

great tracking tool for kids (and elderly). It has very good accuracy (which is what you need when accidentally missing to see your dear on) and it has the emergency button that allows to get in a voice call with who’s holding the device, in case of need.It also has the option (controllable via the phone app) that increases the frequency at which the location of the device is checked, that is also another very useful feature when tracking the ongoing movement of the kid.


Peace of mind

When my son went to secondary school he travelled there and back alone, mobile phones are not allowed in his school at all. I got him the kids Dogsfuns when he was 10/11 years old he is now turning 15 years old and we still use it. It has given me a peace of mind that is priceless. When he was younger he found the feature of the SOS call reassuring, he could contact me if he felt anxious/vulnerable, as he’s got older he hasn’t used it as often. All round the Dogsfuns is a godsend that lets you know where your child is and gives you peace so that you can give your child independence.

Suzanne Glencairn-Campbell

To and from school

With Dogsfuns, we were easily able to track our son as he ventured out on journeys to and from his new school. So we knew where he was and when at all times. Fabulous.

Julie Nicholson

Excellent GPS and good value for money!

Worked better than I thought given some other critical reviews. The web app is very good especially the slider for tracker rate and the compass to show which direction the cat is located. Battery lasts a long time if the tracker rate is infrequent. I didn’t mind my cat going off for hours and only tracking every hour so the battery lasted 4 days Finally, my cat is quite wild but didn’t mind the device around her neck. I hesitated buying it but now I am glad given the peace of mind in knowing roughly where she is.


We are extremely happy with Dogsfuns and…

We are extremely happy with Dogsfuns and see the tracers as unmissable help to find your cat. Now that our cats are a year old, we keep the tracers on during the night (put on a dinner time) and take them off in the morning to charge. With this rhythm, they work perfectly. When we kept them on almost 20 of the 24 hours…. this was harder to do. The tracers turn off when they sleep in one place for hours at a time. So, find your cat, call them home with the vibration option, and sleep at ease! We are a fan of Dogsfuns and appreciate the outstanding quick response from the Dogsfuns team. ♥️

LL Stevens

An important part of our lives

“My little HOUDINI Mitts cat pulls out of his leash/harness and I have to rely on this to track him down so he does not get hit by a car or injured”.

James B.

Great peace of mind

Our tracker gives great peace of mind. Our rescue lurcher is a good girl generally, but if she spots a rabbit she could run for miles! It’s good to know we can track her down and keep her safe. Slight issues sometimes with downtime on the system but generally a good service.


Great product I can not live without

Works very well and not too big for our beagle. Quite accurate position. Battery will last a day if you set it to 30sec updates and if you are in the forest with GPS and GSM network hard to reach, but this is definitely not a problem as we remove the tracker at night so our beagle does not have to sleep with it. We were quite surprised to see how far our dog was going on his owning using the history function! Peace of mind guaranteed with the zone alerts. Very good product and well worth the money.


Ana M.

First I adopted two kittens sisters: Pixi and Mega. One day I could not find anywhere Mega, the next day I heard that a dog had killed her and a neighbor had thrown to the rubbish. Since then, I adopted two cats, but overcame the trauma and all night I´m looking cats to keep them at home. I was afraid that something happened to them and could not help because I´m not knowing where they were. One day, searching the internet, I found the Dogsfuns tracking device. He changed my life and my cats. Now they have a cat door, and they go out of home when they want. They are always playing in the garden and looking for mice, and when they want to rest come to sleep in the bed. I now live much calmer and my happiest cats thanks to Dogsfuns.

Pixi, Miel and Teka

Merlin, the cool cat

I had the original dogfuns and bought another when i started letting Merlin outside. The amazing thing is that i dont need to locate Merlin anymore at all! I can find out where he is from inside the house and he is so well trained by the beep on his collar that he knows im looking for him and will actually come in! The peace of mind knowing that i can find him and he trusts the beep on his collar so much is worth every single penny of the product!


Pets, Kids, Elderly

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