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Download and install the App “Aibeile Plus”

  • (Option1) – Scan the following QR code, download and install the App
  • (Option 2) – Scan the QR code in the GPS Tracker in ‘More’
  • (Option 3)-Search “Aibeile Plus” in App Store – Apple or Google Play


During installation, the phone prompts whether to trust the APP or whether to allow prompt access to phone location, etc. Please select trusted and allowed all the time.

Registering the Dogsfun GPS tracker and log in:
Open the App, new users will need to register a new account by clicking on the bottom right “Register” button, complete the registration steps. Please note that you will need to select the right area you are located in, for example, if you’re in Europe, you need to choose “Area” as Europe. If you’re in Australia, you need to choose “Area” as “Asia and Oceania”. You also need to input a correct email address to ensure you can reset your password if needed.

Registering the dogsfuns tracker and log in:

Connecting the GPS tracker to your APP account:
After successful registration, log in to the account, select ‘More’-> Device list ->Add device, Click scan icon to scan the QR code on the GPS tracker.


The Registration QR code is the 15-digit registration number found on the QR sticker on the back of the tracker, it is not the IMEI barcode number.

Add and Delete the device

  • 1)How to add the device to your Dogsfuns GPS TRACKER account:More——Device list——Add device——put the regcode of tracker
  • 2)How to delete the device from your account:
    More——Device list——Edit——Delete—Ok

Adding a secondary administrator account:
The first account created for the GPS Tracker is the primary administrator account. You can add a secondary account to the app for two parents, as an example, to be able to log in. Adding a secondary administrator account requires authorization from the primary administrator, there will be a note when the secondary administrator account wants to add the same GPS tracker, the primary administrator will also receive the authorization notification.

One APP account can bind multiple GPS trackers; while one GPS tracker can also be connected with multiple secondary accounts with the authorization from the primary administrator.

The screen below will appear inside your (the main administrator) App account for authorization after the secondary administrator has scanned the same tracker QR code into their App.


One account can add multiple devices, and one device can be added to multiple accounts

图片 6

APP Interface
Login screen Main page with map, click “More”

Click “Settings” Click “Family Members”

• If you are removing or tampering with the product casing, the product will void the warranty.
• The manufacturer shall not be liable for illegally use of the product.
• By using this GPS tracker, you acknowledge that you accept the following precautions terms. In the event that you do not understand or accept any of the precaution terms herein, you should discontinue your use of this GPS Tracker.

1.Do not immerse the product in liquid or chemicals such as salty water and detergents.
2.Do not wear the product in the shower, in case different PH range of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, or hot water damages the GPS tracker.
3. Keep the product away from fire, heat and other extreme high- temperature environments;
4. Keep out of children’s mouths;
5. Use only 5V chargers or USB ports, because higher voltage may damage the device;
6. Do not directly attach the magnetic charging lead to any metal or conductive objects except the GPS Tracker, otherwise, it may cause the charging head to short circuit.
7. In the case of excessive heating of the battery during charging, immediately disconnect it from the power supply.
8. Before first use, fully charge the battery.
9. If the tracker heats up when wearing it, immediately take it, and turn the tracker off either via the tracker settings or in the App.
10. Never connect to a mechanically damaged charger or if the batteries are swollen. Do not use batteries in this condition due to the risk of explosion.
11. When this product is in a de-energized state and outside the service area, the location function does not work.


Registering the dogsfuns tracker and log in:

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