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As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden glow over the vast Mexican ranch, seasoned cowboy Miguel prepared to saddle up his trusty companion. He carefully selected a complete Dogsfuns‘s Western saddle package, which included a range of meticulously designed accessories.

Once the cowboy-style saddle package was securely fastened, Miguel embarked on his journey across the rugged terrain. The classic design of the saddle package seamlessly blended with the rustic charm of the Mexican landscape, evoking a sense of tradition and adventure.

As Miguel rode through the sprawling ranch, he couldn’t help but appreciate the superior craftsmanship of the saddle package. Its sturdy construction provided unwavering support, allowing him to navigate the challenging trails with ease. The package included a leather halter with reins, Western spurs, a bubble front cinch, a leather rear cinch, stirrups, a breast collar, and a headstall, all thoughtfully selected to offer functionality and convenience.

Under the starlit sky, Miguel’s saddle package stood out as a symbol of his rugged cowboy persona. The dedication to quality and design was evident in every detail. The exceptional durability of the saddle package assured Miguel that it would withstand the demands of his adventurous lifestyle.

Throughout his expedition, Miguel’s horse enjoyed the added comfort provided by the comprehensive accessories included in the saddle package. The seamless fusion of the Western saddle package, cowboy style, and the picturesque Mexican ranch setting created an immersive experience that embodied the essence of an authentic cowboy adventure.D

Dogsfuns Western Horse Saddle TACK Details

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Western saddle package:

A leather halter with reins, Western spurs, a bubble front cinch, leather rear cinch, stirrups, a breast collar, and a headstall.

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– Crafted with high-quality leather materials for durability and comfort
– Sturdy horn, comfortable pommel and cantle for secure riding
– 15“,15.5”,16“ size fits most riders
– Rich brown-black color adds classic Western style
– Ideal for rodeos, ranches, and trail riding

Standard Package:

  • Nylon Water Loop Rein
  • Saddle Pad
  • Front Girth
  • Back Girth

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User usage scenarios

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We kindly ask for your understanding as each of our Western saddles is custom-made, requiring some time for production. We are pleased to inform you that there will be Free Shipping charges for our saddle products. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will need to communicate with you two to three times during the purchasing process to confirm your saddle specifications, color, and size. We sincerely request that you provide accurate information during these communications, as we strive to fulfill your order completely before shipping. Please note that we do not support immediate returns after shipping, as we follow a principle of thorough communication with our customers. However, we stand by our commitment to a 30-day refund policy in case of any quality issues. If you need to return the saddle due to a quality concern, we kindly request that you cover the return shipping cost initially. Once we confirm the issue, we will reimburse the return shipping fee. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


15", 15.5”, 16“

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