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Bluetooth Pet Tracker | No Subscription Required Cat Bluetooth tracker

What are you interested in tracking? This Bluetooth Pet Tracker pretty much tracks anything of interest. It comes with 7 pieces key finder, connected via BT4.0. It also includes a free app, namely “cTracing” that you need to download, and then pair it with your smart phone.

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In addition, the cat Bluetooth tracker or dog Bluetooth tracker has a button, which, when you double press, sets off an alert in the phone with which you pair it. The paired

 phone and tracker must remain within less than 30ft. distance, otherwise, alarm sets off. The key finder meanwhile works with Bluetooth connection, so it has a distance limitation of 30ft.,

 beyond that, it automatically disconnects. It supports higher versions of IOS and Android 4.3 Operating systems.

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Functions of the Bluetooth Tracker

You simply wear the Bluetooth Pet Tracker in your pet’s collar. That way, you track its every movement. If ever your cat or dog is missing or stolen, the cat Bluetooth tracker or dog Bluetooth tracker enables you to trace them down to the exact point location, and recover them. This Bluetooth Pet Tracker – Dogsfuns, is perfect to keep your pet safe.

Alternatively, you can use this cat Bluetooth tracker to monitor an elderly person who has a tendency to wander off, or has difficulty finding their way home. With its two-way notification, the Bluetooth tracker has a button that the elderly person can double press to make a distress signal. Double pressing sets off an alarm from the phone to which you pair it, alerting a caregiver.

Bluetooth Pet Tracker - Dogsfuns
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Interesting camera features

Remote control selfie-taker, easily control the mobile phone to take photos remotely (maximum 10 meters).
Dogsfuns Dogs Bluetooth Tracker has a very useful function. You only need to tap Dogsfuns to realize the mobile phone camera function, you can adjust the front and rear lens, take pictures for others or take pictures for yourself. This is a technology that uses a Bluetooth connection to transfer the camera button on the phone to Dogsfuns.
When you take photos with your friends, you no longer need to worry about your fingers not being able to touch the buttons on the screen.

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You can also use the Bluetooth tracker to track your car keys, handbags, wallets etc.,

 if they ever get misplaced. 

 call on the app installed in the paired phone. That will set off the alarm in the Bluetooth tracker and you can follow the sound to retrieve your stuff, within a distance of 30 ft. between the paired phone and the tracker.You only have to press the

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Product FAQs

What is the maximum distance this cat Bluetooth tracker would work?

It works for up to a distance of 30 ft.

How long does the battery last?

Battery can last for as long as 6 months at least

Can you connect one tracker to different phones?

You can only connect one dog Bluetooth tracker or cat Bluetooth tracker to one mobile phone, although you can connect one phone to multiple Bluetooth trackers.

Is there a monthly fee?

The tracker uses Bluetooth technology and does not require a sim card, so it does not require any fees and only requires batteries.

Do I need simcard to be able to install the device?

No. The Bluetooth tracker does not need you to have a simcard to install, it uses Bluetooth to bind with the phone.

Can I track more than 7?

Yes, the app can add multiple trackers.

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