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New generation and new technology all terrain, all platform, wilderness and home high-speed GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Dog Collar

Pet Dog Locator Activity Monitor APP Control,GSM AGPS LBS SOS Monitor

Mini GPS Dog Collar
Mini GPS Dog Collar

Lightest and Smallest

Only 30 g, The Dogsfuns Mini GPS Dog Collar is suitable for the size of most pets on earth. The hard shell also provides additional protection from restrictions on pet movement.


  • With the GPS function, Mini GPS Dog Collar can locate your pet almost anywhere, and you can see the location and movement of your pet dog or cat on your phone.
  • You can set a Safety Fence the locator that will alert you immediately if your pet leaves or enters it.
  • The GPS location is accurate to within 5 meters and can be found worldwide in this super small size.
  • It’s easy to set up a management account and manage multiple devices.
  • View from a computer and a  phone app, convenient and fast.
Mini GPS Dog Collar

Dogsfuns Features

Live Tracking

24 hours



Long Battery Life

10-20 Days

Location History

3 Months

Money Back




How It Works?

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Step One

Install the easy-to-use tracking app in Android google or Apple store

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Step Two

Tie the tracker to the dog's collar.keep your dog relaxed.

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Step Three

Real Time Track Monitor & Location 24/7

Mini GPS Dog Collar


Directional technology

Mini GPS Dog Collar tracker with GPS/ AGPS/ WIFI/ LBS quadruple positioning, GPS accuracy of about 5-10 meters

Uses multiple

Great for tracking pets, children, teens, seniors, cars, tools, assets, valuables, etc.

Place it anywhere

Mini GPS Dog Collar tracker. This small and lightweight can easily fit in a bag, car, backpack, or pocket. With the perfect size for carrying around, you don't have to worry about not having a suitable place to store it.

Tracking Your Dogs

The MINI GPS Dog Collar is the ideal solution to protect your dog. Keep your buddy in top shape. You can track your dog’s movements on a Real Time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android) or PC. The Dog GPS Collar Tracker Chip allows you to quickly find your pet if it gets lost or runs away, wherever it goes.

Tracking Your Cats

Locating multiple cats at the same time on Cat GPS Tracker App. All you need is a working SIM card to insert into the MINI Collar tracker device, NO installation required, then you can track and map (Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet.

Technical Specifications

Uses GPS, local Wi-Fi and cell tower data

U.S. Nationwide coverage via embedded Nano SIM card.

Connects to multiple networks
Supports GSM / GPRS networks only
Sync range: up to 150 ft (46 m)
Health data syncs hourly
Sync requires an internet connection

Product Size:5.0*1.2cm/1.97*0.47in

Product Weight: 320g

Waterproof IP67 (Can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes)

Chargeable changeable 3.7V 500mAh Li-ion battery

 iOS and Android

Technical Specifications

four different modes: GPS+BDS+WIFI+LBS

GPS positioning is accurate to within 5 meters

Connects to multiple networks
Supports LTE/WCDMA/GSM/GPRS/4G networks

Health data syncs 3 minutes

Product Size: 50*30*13mm

Product Weight: 35g

Supports 32Gb TFT cards

Chargeable  800mAh Li-ion battery


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gps tracker for cats

Nous sommes très content du gps Dogsfuns pour notre chat. La fonction historique est merveilleuse, on peut voir où il va dans le cartier et ses habitudes de déplacement. Le heatmap (les points rouge sur la carte) permet de voir où il a passer plusieurs minutes. On a décider d'acheter ce GPS après qu'il est fait une fugue de deux jours et demi alors qu'il faisait très froid dehors, ce qui nous a causé beaucoup de stress. C'est vraiment une paix d'esprit cet appareil. La batterie dure une journée et se recharge en moins de deux heures. L'appareil calcul aussi la dépense énergétique, ce qui peut expliquer pourquoi il a plus faim une journée où il a été très actif.

Abbey Knoll

what is the best gps tracker for my dog?

This is my first time buying a GPS tracker for my male husky. He loves to run out the door my kids leave open, and his most recent adventure was at our lake house. I really thought he was gone for good. I have looked at several trackers over the months, but even the more popular ones seemed to work only with WiFi which defeats the purpose. I found this one and was at first hesitant since it seemed new on the market, but eventually I decided to give it a try. I am so pleased I did! It is almost spot on with the GPS tracking. The other morning I woke up and my phone said he had left the virtual fence. I looked to see where he was on the app, and afterwards I found him outside in that location. It definitely gives me a peace of mind knowing he is trackable. Excellent dog tracker.

Ernest A.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dogsfuns Mini GPS Dog Collar uses a variety of technologies to locate your pet all day, including:

  • Direct access to satellite network via on-board GPS module
  • API search for nearby Wi Fi networks
    Location reported by the owner’s smartphone
  • Other Technologies|

At all times, we try to provide a reasonable and accurate location with minimal delay while ensuring the best battery life

No, you not need a subscription to use this product. Free of Monthly subscription Fees.You only need to pay for your nano PIM card.

You can track any place where there is cellular service (GPRS). Mini GPS Dog Collar are not limited by range like some Bluetooth tracking products. GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network. Our trackers work all over the world and will track anywhere there is cellular service.

Note: Mini GPS Dog Collar is only accepted for use in countries with 2G cellular service.

It’s easy to track your device after receiving the Mini GPS Dog Collar from any web browser or smartphone. You will be able to log in to the tracking application of IOS or Android (or any web browser) and start tracking according to the steps in the user manual.


If you need any questions, you can contact us directly by email: [email protected]. Thank you.

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