Realistic Silicone Male Mask – Free Movements and Facial Expressions


Perfect for a Disguise:

  • These masks showcase next-level realistic skin appearance.
  • Terrifically lifelike masks allow comfortable wear for hours on end.
  • The mouth articulates naturally for talking, drinking or eating.
  • Embedding eyebrows in molded follicles mimics nature.
  • Flexible silicone facilitates lively facial expressions.
  • Invest in professional quality that empowers truly engaging cosplay performances.

Hyper-Realistic Silicone Cosplay Masks-The Kardar

Exceptional Realism

  • Hand-sculpted molded follicles perfectly replicate eyebrow hair growth.
    The adjustable nose design allows shaping to suit varied character facial features.
  • Authentic human skin texture replication brings characters to life-like realism.
  • Stretchable material facilitates full range of facial motions and expressions.
  • High density layers save makeup time while preserving defined details.
  • Durable, flexible silicone withstands repeated washing and reuse.
  • Professional artistry elevates industry costumes and takes contest looks to the next level.
  • Unrivaled realism immerses both wearer and spectators in believable portrayals.
hyper realistic mask-The Hulk

Lifelike Articulation | Unparalleled realism

hyper realistic face mask

Comfort and Durability

  • The mouth seamlessly opens, closes, and forms expressions for talking scenes
  • Drink from water bottles, eat props, etc with convincing natural mouth movements
  • Eyebrows embedded in custom follicles mimic natural hair growth
  • Mouth interior fully detailed to add depth during conversations or eating
  • Modifications capture unique looks through hair, tattoos, scars and more

Don't Settle for Cheap Imitations. Invest in a High-Quality Mask That Will Serve You for Conventions and Projects for Years to Come.

dogsfuns hyper realistic masks
hyper realistic masks- cosplay
hyper realistic masks- cosplay


We recommend thoroughly cleaning the mask before and after each use. Be sure to clean both the interior and exterior surfaces. Give special attention to cleaning the inner portion which is in direct contact with the face. Keeping this area clean is essential as it is close to our skin. A mild soap and warm water should sufficiently clean the entire mask.

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Realistic Silicone Male Mask - Free Movements and Facial Expressions
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