How Will You Save Yourself If You Are Chased By A Dog?

Save Yourself

In real life, there are many people who like to have a dog to increase the fun and at the same time, it is not so boring to have a companion. Everyone’s preferences are different, and for dog breeds, the choice is also different. Relatively speaking, large dogs are dominant in size, and the consequences can be quite serious if there are no good protection measures in the process of raising them, and if injuries occur.

Where the dog’s lifeline is

It has always been emphasized that dogs are human friends, to treat them well and not to do harm. However, when people are chased and bitten by large dogs, they will take measures to fight back as a last resort in order to save their lives, so when fighting with a large dog, it is easier to find its lifeline to get themselves out of danger.

The body structure of dogs and wolves is similar, and the position of the waist, which is not protected by many bones, is relatively weak and distributed with important organs. When a person is attacked by a large dog, find an opportunity to use the tools around him and hit him in the waist, even if the force is not great, the dog will feel painful and give up the attack to seek to save his life.

Large dogs are larger than small pet dogs, relatively speaking, the danger is higher, if you make an unfriendly bark, people will have the psychology of fear, see it that thick limbs, there is only one thought inside, pull out the legs and run. If a dog really wants to attack, and how many people can run through it. Don’t look at large dogs run fast, limbs than wolves are thicker, but that is just an illusion, the dog’s legs are actually very fragile, after a certain impact, it is easy to break or fracture, so when chased by large dogs, hit its legs is also a wise approach.

The dog’s nose is exceptionally sensitive, with hundreds of millions of olfactory cells distributed on the nasal mucosa, and also secretes special mucus to increase sensitivity, precisely because of this feature, so when performing search and rescue missions, dogs are sent to the scene to use their strong olfactory ability to distinguish the specific location of the target. People observe changes in the outside world, usually by the eyes to complete, but dogs are different, although they also have eyes, but also rely on the nose to identify the owner or residence environment. The nose is a very important organ for dogs, and if it is injured, it can be life-threatening or lose its ability to smell.

Most animals have a tail, which plays a different role. The tail of a dog, in addition to maintaining the balance of the body, can also express their emotions. It was once documented that when a lot of dogs were kept in a certain place in England, people would cut off the tail of the dog to exempt it from taxation, stating that it was a working dog for herding. However those dogs whose tails were cut off had their lives greatly affected, even the basic standing was unstable and the speed of running was reduced. This shows that the tail of a dog looks insignificant, but its role for the dog cannot be ignored, and it is more vulnerable to attack at the back of the body.

Some ways to save yourself when being chased and bitten by a large dog

First, pretend to bend down to pick up something

Being chased and bitten by a large dog means that the person is in a vulnerable position and has no weapon in his hand before he is chased and bitten. When people are running away, it is not necessarily smart behavior, not to mention the dog can not run, physical strength will also be quickly consumed, to their detriment. The dog is a smart animal, before attacking will also think, there is a sure situation before taking action. When people see the dog scattered legs and run, but will provoke the dog’s aggressiveness, the situation will be more dangerous.

If the dog chasing bite, the correct approach should be to stand still, eyes on the front, take out a certain momentum, there is nothing in the hand, and no transport can quickly escape, this time you can bend down and pretend to tether something on the ground. Do not look at this small action, can play a certain deterrent to the dog, the brain will form a conditioned reflex, think it is a person on the ground with a weapon, it will produce the emotion of fear, instinctive backward, or even a quick escape.

Once reported, an old man went out for a walk, on the way back to meet the wolf dog chase bite, the situation is very critical, the old man wanted to run, but simply can not run, scared head beads of sweat, there is no way out of the situation, the old man had to stop, and the dog confrontation, then bend down, to pick up the ground, but there is nothing on the ground, the old man just do the fake action, when the dog saw the old man’s actions. I did not expect to be really scared away.

Second, take off your clothes and hold the dog’s head

When people are chased by large dogs, the aggressive force can not be ignored, this time in addition to counterattack, but also to do a good job of protection measures, especially the head and neck, try not to let the dog scratch. When fighting with the dog at close range, you can take off your clothes, wrap the dog’s head, and after that, use your hands to pull the clothes tightly, even if the larger dog, can not see the situation, will not act rashly. People can take the opportunity to ask for help, with the help of the outside world, can quickly get out of the danger will be resolved.

Third, go to the water

Most dogs can not swim, especially afraid of the environment with water, if the river in the wild near the dog chase, as long as people go to the river, the dog will not continue to chase, this is also a method of self-help, the critical moment can also save lives. But this method has to have the conditions, there are rivers or ponds around, and the water can not be too deep. If there is no river around, you can also use a hose, or use a bucket to throw water directly at the dog.

Fourth, the body will be curled into a ball, holding the head with hands

When attacked by a dog, there is really no way to escape, then you can only strengthen the protection and try to make yourself less hurt. The correct way to hold the head with both hands, curled into a ball like a baby’s posture, do not let the neck exposed, because the neck has a large artery vessels, if the dog bites through, blood loss is always life-threatening.

If you are a woman or an elderly person, there is not enough strength to confront a large dog, the chances of winning are not very good, it is better to protect their important parts from being bitten, and buy time to get assistance by way of self-rescue.

Write at the end
Dog injuries are common, as the owner of the dog, usually take responsibility, take care of their own dog, try not to hurt innocent people.

We also need to know when the dog chase bite some self-rescue ways, the critical time, may be able to defuse the danger.

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