Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep, Grow up With, and Feel Safe With!

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

The presence of large dogs gives many girls a sense of security and authority.

Families with large dogs can also teach their children how to “love and be loved” in a safe and secure environment.

Today, we will introduce the 10 most suitable large companion dogs for girls and families.

The ranking Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep principle: gentle first, the second protector, smart third.

NO.10 St. Bernard

The 65th ranked dog breed IQ in the world.

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This is the most famous rescue dog, loving, responsible, calm personality, especially for children love and security.

Although this guy is not high IQ, but obedient, good training, just like everyone’s heart “two cattle” brother, is a hard-working “honest dog”.

Because of its size, it is banned in many places.

NO.9 Bernese Mountain Dog

The world’s 22nd ranked dog breed IQ.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

The Bernese Mountain Dog is both cool and cute, with a warm healing effect, and its iconic black, white and brown colors make it unique.

This guy fits all the characteristics of the Chinese legendary “wangcai dog”, confident, affectionate, and gentle, making him a great family dog, especially for girls.

I think this is the most distinctive dog.

NO.8 Shetland sheepdog

Ranked 6th in the world for dog breed IQ.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

Super beautiful shepherd, well-proportioned, hairy, it takes 12 points of energy to take care of it, and that’s the price of beauty.

This one is very wary, a guard dog that watches the house and prefers to chase some small animals.

Although smart and good to learn, but it hunting and hunting nature and fur care difficulty, make people daunting.

NO.7 German Shepherd

The world’s No. 3 dog breed IQ ranking.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

German wolfhound, a military dog family, a fierce face, meek and kind to the master, absolutely loyal.

Most cities are forbidden, more suitable for countryside breeding, need enough space to move around.

German shepherd obedience plus full, warm, easy-going, but the appearance of “cold”, “solemn and serious”.

N0.6 Alaskan Malamute

World breed IQ ranking 50th.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

One of the three fools in the snow, looks tall and fierce, but in fact is an understanding warm baby, bring out the mighty domineering.

Very close to friendly, loyal to the master, the ability to protect the master plus full.

But this guy is a little stupid, need to be patient training to perform better, otherwise it is really “silly and simple”.

NO.5 Samoyed

The world’s breed IQ ranking of 33rd.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

One of the three fools in the snow, the iconic smile can warm everyone, known as the “smile angel”, elegant and noble, a high rate of return.

The goods do not listen, playful, have their own ideas, bad training is very difficult to control.

Satsuma is “go out goose”, but with the master quarrel just! With his brother Erha similar.

NO.4 Husky

The world ranking of dog breed IQ 45th.

This is the dog world “pretender”, looks silly, stupid, silly, the actual “lazy to dump you”; because too eager to be free, people call the “hand not”.

Looks big, will “wolf howl”, but is a coward, docile and grumpy coexist, do not expect it to protect you, can only scare people.

The husky is not only one of the three fools in the snow, but also one of the three non-aggressive dogs along with the Golden Retriever and Labrador.

NO.3 Border Collie

The world’s No. 1 dog breed IQ ranking.

Top 10 Large Dogs for Your Family to Keep

This is the most like a “child” of a dog! IQ is not recommended to raise, good at “enemy in I retreat, the enemy retreat I fight” strategy game.

If you feel lonely, it’s still fun to have this one, and every day you can “fight”, it’s also fun.

But do not expect it to protect you, it is faster than you run, and will give you a look: you first!

NO.2 Golden Retriever

World ranking of dog breed IQ No. 4.

The dog world warm man, because too warm, see who are warm, but also “sea king”, “scum”, because “warm must scum”.

This hairy child gentle and enthusiastic, optimistic and cheerful, confident and not afraid of life, smart and kind.

NO.1 Labrador

World ranking of dog breed IQ No. 6.

This is the most perfect family companion dog in my heart, especially for families who just have children, this one likes to spoil the children, stick to the master, is a perfect “big brother”.

Kind, gentle, friendly, smart, and not to mention the important thing is not to shed!

No hair loss is a good dog.

Woofers view
Large dogs in the city’s feeding space is narrow, to two ha, German shepherd these dogs on the exercise requirements are relatively high, otherwise in the growth of the “disaster”.

If conditions do not allow, try not to raise large dogs in the city, although gentle, it is easy to make people afraid, most dogs shed hair bad care.

If you can’t help it, it’s best to choose one of the top five, which have a good reputation and can’t be wrong.

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